Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Pre-construction: Conduct site study, resource assessment, design, feasibility study, prepare detailed project reports (DPR), business models, and financial models.
  • EPC Management – Construction Monitoring: Oversee construction activities, provide regular reports, manage civil and foundation work, electrical and mechanical installations, commissioning, and approval of bills.
  • Post Construction: Offer asset management, review resource assessments, design, legal compliance, generation performance, financial evaluations, and environmental permits. Conduct techno-commercial due diligence and transaction advisory.
  • RESCO Project Assistance & Implementation Support: Provide assistance and support for Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) projects.
  • Performance Assessments: Conduct various tests such as EL testing, IV curve testing, thermography, inverter testing, DC generation tests, and BOP tests.
  • Asset Management and Power Trading: Assist in managing renewable energy assets and offer power trading services.
  • Solar EPC and Operation & Maintenance: Provide turnkey solutions for solar energy projects, including engineering, procurement, and construction, as well as operation and maintenance services.
  • Wind Operation & Maintenance: Offer comprehensive operation and maintenance services for wind energy projects.
  • Owners Engineering and Lenders Engineering: Provide technical consultancy services for project owners and lenders.
  • EPC Management and Project Management Consultancy: Support clients in managing EPC contracts and provide project management consultancy services.

Renewable Energy Due Diligence:

At CGS Green, we pride ourselves on delivering accurate, reliable, and insightful due diligence services to our clients in the renewable energy sector. Our holistic approach, coupled with our commitment to excellence, enables us to identify and mitigate risks while maximizing the potential of renewable energy projects. With our Renewable Energy Due Diligence services, clients can make well-informed investment decisions and navigate the complex landscape of the renewable energy industry. Our team of experts brings extensive experience and deep industry knowledge to each project. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific goals and tailor our services to meet their unique needs. Whether it’s a large-scale solar farm, a wind energy project, or a hydroelectric facility, we have the expertise to provide comprehensive due diligence assessments.

Key services offered as part of our Renewable Energy Due Diligence include:

  1. Technical Evaluation: We conduct a comprehensive review of the technical aspects of renewable energy projects. This includes assessing the design, equipment specifications, construction plans, and operational procedures. Our experts identify any potential technical issues, evaluate the performance capabilities of the equipment, and provide recommendations for optimization.
  2. Financial Analysis: Our financial experts perform detailed financial analysis to assess the economic viability and potential return on investment of renewable energy projects. We analyze project costs, revenue streams, financial projections, and financial models to provide clients with a clear understanding of the project’s financial feasibility. We also evaluate financial risks and recommend strategies to enhance project profitability.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: We conduct a thorough assessment of the regulatory landscape and ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and permits. Our team reviews environmental regulations, grid connection requirements, permitting processes, and interconnection agreements. We help clients navigate complex regulatory frameworks and identify any potential compliance risks.
  4. Resource Assessment: We evaluate the renewable resource potential of the project site, such as solar irradiance, wind speed, or water flow. Our experts utilize advanced modeling techniques, historical data analysis, and on-site measurements to estimate the energy production capacity. This assessment helps clients understand the project’s energy generation potential and forecast energy output.
  5. Environmental Impact Assessment: We assess the environmental impact of renewable energy projects, considering factors such as land use, biodiversity, water resources, and emissions. Our team identifies potential environmental risks and recommends mitigation measures to minimize negative impacts. We also ensure compliance with environmental regulations and sustainability standards.
  6. Social Impact Assessment: We evaluate the social implications of renewable energy projects, including community engagement, stakeholder consultation, and socio-economic impacts. Our experts assess potential social risks and help clients develop strategies to foster positive relationships with local communities. We ensure that projects align with the principles of social responsibility and sustainability.
  7. Legal and Contractual Review: Our legal team conducts a comprehensive review of project contracts, agreements, and legal documentation. We identify any legal risks, analyze contractual terms, and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We also review power purchase agreements, land leases, construction contracts, and insurance policies to safeguard our clients’ interests.
  8. Operational Performance Evaluation: For existing renewable energy projects, we conduct operational performance evaluations. Our experts assess the efficiency of operations, maintenance practices, and performance monitoring systems. We identify opportunities for operational optimization, cost reduction, and performance enhancement.
  9. Due Diligence Reporting: Upon completion of the due diligence process, we provide comprehensive reports that consolidate our findings, analysis, and recommendations. Our reports are clear, concise, and tailored to the needs of our clients. We present our assessment of the project’s technical, financial, regulatory, environmental, and social aspects, along with actionable recommendations to support decision-making.
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