Energy Efficiency, Water & Carbon Advisory

  • Energy Audits: We conduct detailed energy audits to identify energy-saving opportunities and recommend energy-efficient solutions.
  • Harmonic Audit: Our experts assess and mitigate harmonic distortions in electrical systems, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.
  • Water Audit, Water Recycling, Desalination: We conduct water audits to assess water usage, identify conservation opportunities, and provide solutions for water recycling and desalination.
  • Transformer, VFD, and Electrical Component Testing: We offer testing and analysis services for transformers, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and other electrical components to ensure their optimal performance.
  • Green Building Rating Assistance: We provide guidance and support in obtaining green building certifications and ratings, helping clients enhance the sustainability of their buildings.
  • Clean Development Mechanism: Our team assists clients in implementing clean development mechanism projects and leveraging carbon credits.
  • Carbon Footprint & ISO 14064 Audit: We calculate carbon footprints and conduct audits according to ISO 14064 standards to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Project Management Consultancy – Owners Engineering and Lenders Engineering: We provide project management consultancy services, including owners engineering and lenders engineering, to ensure the successful implementation of energy efficiency and water management projects.
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